Низкобюджетные авиалинии “Победа” открыли продажу билетов в немецкие города. Первым направлением вылетов в Германию будет один из культурных и деловых центров Европы, город Кёльн.

Время в полете МоскваКёльн составляет 3 часа 20 минут. Лететь от Кёльна до Москвы нужно 2087 километров. Германия – почти родная страна для жителей России. Несмотря на мировые войны, непонимание и политическое напряжение между двумя странами, их жители очень дружелюбны друг к другу. Германия воспринимается как страна лучшего в мире пива и баварских сосисок, а также красивейшей архитектуры и древней культуры, и традиций. The city of Cologne is a prominent representative of the ancient Germanic culture and is already two thousand years.

History of Cologne

Initially it was a small fortified village on the banks of the river Rhine, founded in 38 AD, one of the generals of the Roman emperor Augustus. And thanks to Agrippina - wife of Emperor Nero, village gained city status. This was followed by its rapid development, population growth, rapid rise in status. After a hundred years, the Cologne reached more than fifteen thousand people. More than five hundred years, he was a Roman colony, At this time, I experienced a lot - and rebellion, and war, and the advent of Christianity.

In the Middle Ages Cologne reached the peak of its development. At this time in full built cathedrals. Since 785 year in this city came catholicism, It appeared archbishopric. In the difficult times of the Second World War, almost all architectural masterpieces were destroyed, preserved only Cologne Cathedral, which became a symbol of the city. However, later it was rebuilt in its original form.


The climate is quite comfortable, but very fickle. July - the hottest month, the temperature rises to 25 degrees Celsius. In winter, it is comfortable and not cold - the temperature is kept around zero.


Cologne - is a big city, select multiple options of transport. All buses, trams, subway and trolley buses are managed by one company, so the price of all types of transport do not differ. You can also choose a taxi or for fans of eco-friendly recreation - bike rental.

Beer and sausage

Once in Germany, should forget about the classic European fast food, you need to enjoy the local cuisine. Be sure to visit the local pubs, where he presented a great opportunity to try the world-famous German beer and Bavarian sausages. The greatest accumulation of these establishments accounted for Altstadt (or the old town). Always worth a try knuckle of pork, which is served with stewed cabbage, mustard and onions. But it must be remembered, In Germany very large portions, therefore it is necessary to think about the order of the meals for two. Traditional German food is quite heavy and greasy, so fans of diets and healthy eating should be ready for this. Well, конечно, German beer. It should definitely try every guest Cologne!

Lovers of architecture and history experts will be delighted by the imposing Gothic cathedrals of the city. The highlight and symbol of the city, undoubtedly, It is the Cologne Cathedral. It is a building of incredible beauty and scope. Always worth it to take photos from the other side of the Rhine and enjoy the huge stained glass windows and organ.

Timetable Moscow – Cologne

Flight Start dates transportation Date of the end of the carriage Days of week Sortie fits
DP819 15.02.16 15.02.16 Mo 14:30 15:45
DP819 16.02.16 26.03.16 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 14:30 15:50

flight Schedule Cologne – Moscow

Flight Start dates transportation Date of the end of the carriage Days of week Sortie fits
DP820 15.02.16 15.02.16 Mo 16:45 21:50
DP820 16.02.16 26.03.16 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 16:25 21:30

Авиакомпания “Победа” It offers convenient connections, together with Fly&Bus to the nearest Düsseldorf Leverkusen and Cologne can be reached by bus.